Will my debt balance insurance also pay out in the event of illness, accident or unemployment?

A balance insurance policy financially protects your surviving dependents if you die before your home loan is paid off. But what if you die after an accident? Or if you suddenly get into financial problems due to illness, accident or involuntary unemployment? You can also easily protect yourself against this through the additional guarantees of our debt balance insurance.

What does a balance insurance cover?

What does a balance insurance cover?

A debt balance insurance policy intervenes if you (or your co-insured partner) die. The insurer pays the remaining insured amount of your home loan so that your surviving dependents do not have to worry about this.

Why choose additional guarantees?

Why choose additional guarantees?

A home loan takes a bite out of your monthly budget. In the event of occupational disability, involuntary unemployment or death due to an accident, all financial assistance is more than welcome. You therefore have the choice of three additional guarantees on top of your standard debt balance insurance.

This way you are prepared for various situations. Thanks to these guarantees you prevent major financial problems for yourself and your environment.

We list our additional guarantees below for you.

‘Death due to accident’ guarantee

If you die after an accident, the outstanding balance insurance will repay the insured amount of your home loan. However, you can also take out an additional ‘Death due to accident’ guarantee . After your death, an extra capital will be paid to your relatives. You record this amount (maximum 200,000 euros) when you subscribe to your insurance contract.

Guarantee for ‘Incapacity for work’

However, you may also encounter financial difficulties unexpectedly during your life. For example, you become seriously ill or have an accident, which means you fall back on sickness benefits for a longer period of time. At such moments, the repayment of your home loan is extra heavy. Thanks to the additional guarantee ‘Incapacity for work’ you will be paid a monthly amount * in the event of illness or accident (maximum 36 months).

‘Involuntary unemployment’ guarantee

Not only illness and accident can cause financial problems. Even if you suddenly become unemployed, paying off your home loan is often a problem. That is why we provide the additional ‘Involuntary unemployment’ guarantee . If you become unintentionally unemployed, you will receive a monthly amount * from the insurer for a maximum of 12 months.

Do you want extra protection for yourself and your partner?


Then contact us for more information. We are happy to explain in detail which additional guarantees are of interest to you. We also immediately calculate what this actually costs you.

The monthly amount for which you are insured can never be higher than your monthly loan repayment, with 2000 euros per month as the absolute maximum. The maximum amount depends on three factors: the total amount of your main guarantee, your monthly loan repayment to the bank and the percentage for which you are insured with us.

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