Switch with health insurance. That’s how you do that.

Will you switch to health insurance this year? Compare all health insurance premiums for the new year. The transfer is easily arranged. That’s how you do that.

Deadline for health insurance


Switching, adjusting or keeping the same? You have until December 31 to choose your health insurance policy for 2019. With premium increases between € 0 and € 11.64 it is worth switching.

Compare health insurance

Compare health insurance

Health insurance policies are now easily compared online. At Good Finance we have a simple comparison based on the health insurance premiums for the various deductibles. In addition, we offer an extensive healthcare comparison that also includes the additional reimbursements.

Switch in 5 steps

Switch in 5 steps

Have you found the best offer? Then you can switch. This is simple and works as follows:

  1. Choose ‘continue’ in our premium comparison. You will then be taken to the website of the health insurer where you can take out health insurance in accordance with the premium and conditions you have chosen.
  2. The personal information that you need for this is your name, date of birth and address. Also keep your social security number and payment details to hand.
  3. In the next step you check the date entered and you agree with the condition.
  4. Your old health insurance policy will be automatically canceled. You do not need to take any action for this.
  5. Your newly applied for health insurance will start on 1 January. You will receive your new health insurance policy and health insurance card around that date.

Cooling-off period for health insurance

Cooling-off period for health insurance

Anyone who switches online with health insurance has a standard 14-day cooling-off period. Within this period you can cancel the newly requested health insurance free of charge. Your old health insurance policy will then be continued under the previously selected conditions.

To cancel your application, contact your new health insurer. This can be done by telephone or email.

You are unable to choose a new health insurance policy this year, but you are sure you want to switch? Then cancel your old health insurance policy before 1 January. You then have until 1 February to choose a new health insurance policy.

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