Life Insurance vs. fuse for good feeling

Life insurance for most of us plays an important role in the financial stabilization of the family. Whether it is because of a mortgage, risky job or simply “insurance” for something we do not count on. Congratulations if you have insurance for your home. After reading these lines, you should confirm this.

In addition to the selection of an insurance company, a suitable life insurance setting is important for life insurance. Ideal to reflect your life situation. The result can be a quality life insurance at a reasonable price.

From setting life insurance parameters, it depends on whether you have at home a good feeling insurance or a quality life insurance that is tailored and appreciated even if something happens.

Life insurance for a good feeling


A few weeks ago, I came across a case where I said, “That’s not even possible.” The reason was simple. I was dealing with an insurance contract that was older. However, this does not mean that there is poor quality insurance. Two policies, two claims, permanent consequences.

The client paid 45 Euros a month. I was delighted that the client had thought of himself and had paid honestly for years. But my enthusiasm quickly disappeared. Twenty euros goes to savings. All right, I even cut that even though the higher the client’s income, we’re already 25 euros to cover the risk for the month, which may not be enough for everyone.

The second shock occurred when I looked at the riders

The second shock occurred when I looked at the riders

The second shock occurred when I looked at the riders. Almost nothing. Death from accident, death by car accident, permanent consequences valid 10 years back, common injuries at 5 euros per day (minimum 3). It should be noted that the client has suffered serious accident with immediate hospitalization and surgery. After a year the verdict was clear.

The injury caused permanent disability at 10% in the knee joint. The insurance company’s report was equally clear: “Under the general insurance conditions, you are not entitled to compensation, as …” Performance will only be from a normal accident of 330 Euros.

Of course, after the excitement, we went with the client again, but the insurance company in this case proceeded correctly. He had an old reassurance for the lasting consequences, which, while cheap, but served purpose ten years ago.

Quality life insurance or a happy ending story


The client pays insurance that I would include in the “reasonable” group. She knows why she is not 50 euros a month for her. She is a single parent with a son who has just started high school. He thinks in all cases and knows that he can count on a third party when something happens – an insurance company.

It runs more than one hundred kilometers a day and therefore we have chosen an insurance policy that is broader, but will replace lost income in the short and long term if necessary. And it paid off. Although in the event of an accident it is not possible to talk about happiness but rather happiness in misfortune.

The injury came from a surprise and caused minor complications in the ankle area. The client was out of work for 2 weeks. Well, thanks to the quality insurance, it did not have to be financially sorry. It was paid 700 Euros without permanent consequences after the accident.

And here’s the main difference in insurance for good feeling and quality insurance. I understand that in most cases, we can not resist current discounts and lower prizes, but insurance should not be a decisive measure. Because insurance is what is supposed to protect us from negative influences and not just to feel it.

And what you What kind of insurance do you have?

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